A collaboration that saves lives!

“Because the iron fuses in action!!! “

A collaboration that started three years ago, when the teachers of Health, Welfare & Wellness at VSHS Gera contacted the Hellenic Rescue Team-Lesvos Branch to inform and raise the awareness of their students on First Aid.

Since then in recent years, and with the pandemic in progress, actions aimed at strengthening the culture of volunteering at school and contribution to the local community were taken observing all safety measures to prevent dispersal.

These actions were carried out through the program A New Beginning in VSHS(ANBIV), with the introductory seminars concerning the awareness and training of students and teachers in the knowledge and skills of Basic First Aid.

In particular, for three consecutive years, VSHS of Gera participated in this innovative program “A new beginning in VSHS” with its action plan “I try and I care” and managed despite the difficult conditions, the following:

  • To hold informative lectures before the Pandemic to raise awareness and information on basic first aid and to practice these skills
  • To hold a seminar entitled “I See, I Hear, I Feel” with the support of the Hellenic Rescue Team of Lesvos and the participation of the Volunteers of the Fire Brigade of Gera. In this seminar, students, teachers and volunteer firefighters had the opportunity to learn about CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of a defibrillator and to practice these skills.
  • To create the Voluntary First Aid Team of VSHS Gera, in order to strengthen the culture of volunteering in the school and to raise the awareness of students on issues of social contribution and solidarity in the local community.
  • To specialize the team of students and teachers in CRP and the technique of defibrillation in emergencies of cardiac and respiratory failure. With the basic training of the team to be conducted in the context of the courses of the Health, Welfare & Wellness Department of the school and the seminars organized with the cooperation and guidance of the Hellenic Rescue Team of the prefecture of Lesvos.
  • The Voluntary First Aid Team of VSHS Gera to procure and grant the Special Group of Volunteers of the Fire Brigade of Gera, an automatic defibrillator obtained in the framework of the implementation of the Operational Programme “DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES, EDUCATION AND LIFELONG LEARNING “, with the co-financing of Greece and the European Union. And to be placed for sharing in the kiosk of the task force. In this way a solution was provided to the lack of defibrillator to deal with cases of cardiac arrest in the wider area of Gera.
  • Students of the Voluntary First Aid Group of the school distributed printed material and informed the local community in the area of Papados about their actions and their remarkable initiative to provide a defibrillator to the Fire Department of Gera, where it is kept.
  • To certify a total of 16 students of the school in BLS / AED,(Basic Life Support and use of an Automated External Defibrillator) 13 teachers and at the same time, with the help and cooperation of the Voluntary Fire Brigade of Gera of the Special Group of Volunteers of Lesvos to certify 6 of its volunteers.

All updates and certifications of the members were carried out by the First Aid Department of the Hellenic Rescue Team by the certified trainers of the European Resuscitation Council.

Detailed information about our teams and their actions are posted on the official websites.

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