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The Hellenic Rescue Team is a voluntary search and rescue organisation based in Greece. Without the valuable support of our members, volunteers and supporters, we would not have the opportunity to participate in rescue operations. The support from individuals and companies providing either financial assistance or supplying  lifesaving equipment is vitally important to assist us in responding to the call of those in need. Our members are true volunteers, offering their services to the HRT for free and not taking anything in return other than the joy and satisfaction of being able to help those in need.

To enable us to respond immediately to the next emergency call, and respond to future emergency calls we need your vital support. We are happy to receive donations in the form of lifesaving equipment or funds for fuel and maintenance costs. We can in return work with you to recognise your sponsorship in the best way.

Thank you very much to all who have assisted us in our mission already, and given us the courage to continue our lifesaving work. Monetary donations can be sent in the following ways.

With bank deposit.

Peiraios Bank
IBAN: GR1301713550006355138809000 Swift code: PIRBGRAA

For donations deposited in our bank account, it is essential that you notify us after making your donation, by telephone on +306982873020 (Monday to Friday, 09.00 – 17.00) or at info@hrtlesvos.comPlease notify us , so that we can send you a receipt and thank you letter.

Become a member of Hellenic Rescue Team

Become a member in HRT and help us to save even more lives!

The Hellenic Rescue Team invites all those who want to work as voluntary rescuers to join its community and for each person to offer whatever they can. Participation in the Basic Training School, which takes place every year, is an essential prerequisite.

The training lasts for one months, during which the candidate rescuer acquires basic knowledge of rescue work in all natural environments: mountain, water, and urban and non-urban areas during mass disasters. The program begins with a month of free training, self-protection and emergency services, which can be taken by everyone. All those who wish to become members of the Hellenic Rescue Team can continue with the Basic Training School.

The Basic Training School includes both theoretical and practical classes, so that the trainee can receive as complete and all-round knowledge as possible and come into contact with nature, where he or she will be called upon to work in the future.

If you wish to volunteer with us then call +306982873020 (Monday to Friday, 09.00 – 17.00), send an e-mail or contact your nearest division of the Hellenic Rescue Team.

To donate or get involved with Hellenic Rescue Team and its work, please get in touch with the team in Lesvos at:

Call +30698 287 3020