Many thank to all of you who supported the action “Easter Convoy of Love”

The Board and all the members of the Hellenic Rescue Team of Lesvos would like to warmly thank all of you who supported the action “Easter Convoy of Love” of the Humanitarian Missions and The Social Care Department of the branch held for the 3rd consecutive year for families with children with living difficulties in Lesvos.

«The” Convoy of Love”counts 2️⃣2️⃣ years and our goal is to take place on Easter as well. 🔛 With companions all of you, Sports Clubs, Corporations, but also ordinary citizens who want to remain anonymous, we managed to collect long-lasting food and basic necessities, illuminating even momentarily the lives of the 83 families that needed us.

All together we proved that solidarity and love to fellow human beings, despite the difficulties of the day, continue to exist making us feel optimistic for the future.

Your support gives us strength to continue our project. Together we become links in the solidarity chain.

A chain that must be held together. 💞 Thank you … 👏🙏✌️ Lesvos Ride races, Pamfila Volleyball Team HERMES, Α.Σ Sports, Α.Ο. Arisvaios Kalloni, Mytilene Sports Club, AOM, Aeolikos Basketball, Aeolos of Mytilene Ε Γ Σ, Nikolaos Athanasis, Pernod Ricard Hellas – ΕΠΟΜ HELLAS, Lesvos Cycling Association, Ignatis Laskaridis, 4th Primary School of Mytilene, Elaitis Event.