Many Thanks to DEDAPAL

The Board and all the members of the Hellenic Rescue Team of Lesvos Branch warmly thank the President Mr. Katsavellis Panagiotis and the Board of Directors of the Inter-Municipal Waste and Environment Company of Lesvos (DEDAPAL) for the immediate response and support, by providing both material and human resources.

The purpose was to build a protective cover to be used to protect the rescue boats of our Team. We also thank Mr. Vasilakakis Paraschos and Mr. Hatzigiannis Charalambos for their help in setting up the cover at the base of our boats.

The cover was placed in the Marine of Mytilene, at the beginning of April, and since then it has been a valuable aid for the protection of our rescue boats as well as our members during the time of their voluntary offer ( maintenance, training, operations).

Through this, the proper maintenance of these boats and the safety of our volunteer rescuers who operate in the first line of support of rescue agencies in the water is achieved even better.

The mission of the marine section of the Hellenic Rescue Team is the search and rescue in the sea, rivers, lakes, in areas and fields where floods prevail and generally where water is a threat to human life. It is also active in the safety of fishermen, sailors and swimmers.

Finally, a big thank you to all our volunteer members for the valuable voluntary work they offer every day for the protection of human life and beyond!