“My name is Lydia, and I’m 24 years old. I’m a student at the University of the Aegean here on Lesvos, and I’m also a volunteer for HRT for about four years.

I came to Lesvos to study, here I met the Hellenic Rescue Team in Lesbos, I saw the work, I wanted to offer my free time rather than go for a walk or drink coffee, I participated in the training and operations of the team, putting my own stamp in their huge work. It became part of my life, part of Lydia. Everyday I feel beautiful that I joined them, I feel excited about what we do.

I imagin the Hellenic rescue team recognized at all. I imagine it is a large group of volunteers, helping both in work and in the development of the local community in search and rescue. My vision is a volunteer rescue team trained in all areas as an integral part of society.