volunteers attend to Lesvos Molyvos URBAN MTB

JUNE 4 – 9 2019, LESVOS: Hellenic Rescue Team volunteers attended to the Molyvos URBAN MTB Race, which is an international biking event, took place in the picturesque stone paved streets of Molyvos, Petra and Stypsi. Some of the best bikers, members of their respective national teams, participated in the event that started in June 4 and ended in June 9.

Hellenic Rescue Team – Lesvos dpt. was present, as always, and in collaboration with the event managing team posted first response stations at the most dangerous spots of the racing route.

We wish to extend a warm thank you to all HRT members who dedicated their spare time for this event. Finally, we wish to thank the Molyvos Tourism Organization for their confidence in our team and for our smooth cooperation during the past 6 years.

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