Hellenic rescue team respond to an earthquake at Vrisa

JUNE 12 2017, LESVOS: At 15:28
“Strong earthquake hits, measured 6.1 points of the Richter scale according to the electronic recording of the Geodynamic Institute, was recorded at 15:28, the epicenter of earthquake is at marine area south of Plomari, Lesvos.

The epicenter depth is estimated at 10 km and several aftershocks are expected. There is a lot of disruption on the island, with the residents coming out on the streets “

The Lesvos Branch of the Hellenic Rescue Team, from the first minutes of the earthquake, was immediately ready to gather all its available members at the offices of the group.

  • 15:37: Contact with members of the annex located in the two most affected areas of the earthquake Plomari and Vrisa to gather the necessary information.
  • 15:38: Collect all available members within the first 30 minutes at the offices.
  • 15:40: Contact the Department of Civil Protection of the North Aegean Region, the Fire station and the Municipality and inform them about the number of available members, the rescue equipment and that the team is placed under their orders.
  • 15:45: The Fire station request the team to assist.
  • 16:00: 3 groups of 4 people are ready to depart according to the instructions of the Fire station.
  • 16:10: Contact with our members in Plomari & Vrissa and confirmation – recording of the information.
  • 16:15: Contact with the Fire station and order to go to the area of ​​Vrissa, and present to the Head of Field (Aris Mytilene).
  • 16:30: Departure of the first team with the rescue equipment
  • 16:45: Depart the second team for the same area
  • The third group remains in Mytilene for staffing the center and waiting to go in case there is a need in one of the 2 affected areas.
  • 17:15: Arrival of the first team in the area of ​​Vrissa and reference to “Aris Mytilini”, immediate involvement of the team after order of the fire service to help and transport injured people from village points, at the exits where ambulance service waiting.
  • 17:40: Arrival of the second team in the area of ​​Vrissa and help with the already ongoing incidents in cooperation with the fire service of Mitilini and under their orders.
    First Aid to residents of the village
    Transport where residents needed in cooperation with ambulance, fire service and the Police in the village, as well as our assistance in the evacuation of the village, following the instructions of the coordinator.
    We were invited to help from the fire service at the point where the unhappiness of the unfortunate woman took place
  • 20:15: Departure of the 3rd group with water, juice, food to the point where the earthquake victims will be transferred.
  • 20:45: Arrival of 3rd team at Polichnitos Stadium where the camp was set up for the people affected.
  • 21:00: After contacting the Municipality of Lesvos we were given the order to record and sort the commissions gathered in the stadium In cooperation with the army their distribution to the scenes where there was a world.
  • 03:00: 2 of the 3 teams left and 1 team stay to the point for support of the state institutions.

The branch of Lesvos remains on the stadium up to this moment, having undertaken, at the request of the municipality, the coordination of the supply warehouse and the sorting of materials to the earthquake-stricken families, which the municipality informs about the needs.

  • Recording and sorting of all the materials collected at the point
  • Soaking of the stadium with the help of the Volunteer Teams of the District Firefighting
  • Distribution of goods at the request of government agencies
  • Inventory of family needs and information and delivery to competent bodies.
  • Stay members for 24 hours on the spot on hand

The group coordinator participates in the co-ordination of the agencies upon our invitation. to inform actions and their development, as well as to submit proposals for the prevention and strengthening of the efforts of the state institutions where we are requested, and only at their request, since we never forget that we are not acting alone, only after we have informed and approved competent bodies.

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