HRT Lesvos attended the 22nd Festival of Traditional Dances

August 19, 2023, The Hellenic Rescue Team Branch Lesvos covers the 22nd Festival of Traditional Dances.

Following the request of the Municipality of West Lesvos, the Hellenic Rescue Team Lesvos Branch covered the Festival in terms of health and safety and prevention.

The 22nd Festival of Traditional Dances is organized, as part of the Aegean Regatta, by the Municipality of Western Lesvos and Welcometolesvos.

They participated:
Cultural Association of Traditional Dances D.E. Mithymnas “O Molyvos”, “Molyvos” Association of Traditional Dances and Cultural Activities *Athens Branch), Makarios Agras Cultural Association, Pink Power of Beauty Association, Sykamineas Women’s Association “Agia Fotini”, Feron Cultural Training Association “Agia Sophia” and “Chorema” Folk Music and Dance Club

Thank you to the organizers for the trust, hospitality and excellent cooperation!