First aid training for elementary school students at Ippeios

November 21 2019: Αt the request of the Elementary School located at the village of Ippeios six (6) volunteer rescuers from the Lesvos Branch of HRT carried out a presentation combined with experiential action to raise awareness among students and teachers about rescue and volunteering.

Certified Rescuers presented various scenarios and provided information that helped a total of 70 students briefly put themselves in the “Rescuer’s” place, always in the context of safety. Τhe children attended the presentation in Disaster Rescue, Sea Rescue and First Aid which highlighted the importance of accident prevention.

We sincerely thank the school and the teachers for their excellent cooperation and initiative.

Following on from the action at Ippeios Elementary School and working with local agencies, on Saturday 30/11/19, 6 certified rescuers supported the 3rd voluntary donation of the Evergertula Blood Donor Association and delivered a first aid demonstration aimed at raising first aid awareness of blood donors. We thank the association for their suggestions, as well as the Kidney Sufferers club and the Four Wheel Drive Club for the honor they gave us!

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