Agiasos Pilgrimage 2021

Hellenic Rescue Team, set up 2 First Aid stations at 2 different points of the ascent to Agiasos, to ensure the safe hiking of the pilgrims in 13th and 14th August, the days of Virgin Mary, Agiasos, celebrations.

8 certified volunteers rescuers with complete rescue equipment and vehicles, manned the above stations, and successfully faced all the small problems that arose due to hiking, standing and fatigue of the pilgrims, and this year the event is implemented in the framework of the collective effort of the cooperation of the Voluntary Organisations of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

HRT Lesvos operation was under the direction of the Civil Protection of the North Aegean Region.

Thank you to all involved and the pilgrims. Congratulations to our volunteers for their presence, interest and zeal they show in every localemergency response.

We support our place, we care about the environment we live in, we are proactive.