My name is Papadimitriou Evangelos, i’m 22 years old and i volunteer for Hellenic Rescue Team

It was November 2015. I was 18 years old and just started my studies at the Department of Oceanography and Marine Life Sciences at the University of the Aegean when I made the decision to engage in volunteering and the Hellenic Rescue Team. Generally, I did not spend either time or money! I thought it was the best way to “get in touch” with many different things, to get to know people, to give and get knowledge, to inform and to know the most basic to help in any way I can in the community.

I can say without any hesitation after five (5) years that the team has changed me. First of all it helped me to develop my communication capabilities. Knowing people, which are completely different from each other, thus improving the way I communicate with others. Finally through the actions I learned to cooperate properly. So I learned how important it is to respect and listen to the opinions of others, but also how to put together the bases for achieving your collective goal.

The team has a story that begins in 2001. From then until today, its footsteps are many, sometimes small but stable. I could not therefore imagine a future different from an even more creative group, with more members and a higher level of knowledge, always aiming to offer more to the wider society, thus giving the stimulus to the citizens to get acquainted and to be sensitized about the First Aid section, and more generally with volunteerism.