Hellenic rescue team respond to people in the sea emergency

JUNE 27 2019, LESVOS: The Hellenic Rescue Team responded In a large search for a missing kid on an rowing boat in the gulf of Gera, after Coast Guard request.

The kid went for rowing and drifted away by the strong wind.

One boat was launched with a crew of three volunteers.

UPDATE: A 12-year-old rower was drifted to the gulf of Geras today and immediately mobilized the authorities to locate her.

The child who is a member of one of the 23 clubs from all over Greece who are on these days on the island for the 12th Panhellenic Rowing Development Meeting in Gulf of Gera, which will be held tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, came out in the morning with skiffs in the sea.

The girl was found from the boat of army commandos, moved to the port of Perama, Geras, and then was transported by ambulance to the General Hospital of Mytilene for medical care, from where she left.

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